Google Analytics Service

Discover where your potential customers are located

Soko Digital Marketing uses its many marketing tools including our Google Analytics Service to monitor and gather data regarding our clients’ online marketing structure. With Google Analytics service, we can document who visits and where in the world your site and social media profile are being viewed. The information we receive from web analytics allows us to adjust the strategy for the various locations from which your customers are visiting. With our Google Analytics service, we can build a better understanding of what techniques are proven successful for your business. We can also determine what strategies should be implemented to better your online presence and grow your customer base. We can monitor what products and services your customers are searching for. From there, we can optimize your online profiles to help potential customers connect with your business. Through our Google Analytics service, we provide individualized data reports that are secure and accurate to your business. We explain the stats so you have a better understanding of what you can do to help your business succeed.


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Why Use Google Analytics?

Stats straight from Google

Discover trends

Adapt to changes

How Google Analytics Benefits Your Business

Your Time, Your Target Audience, Your Website Channels, Your Website Pages, Technology

Web analytics helps you to determine what makes a good business website