Reputation Management

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It's smart to set some goals for your reputation management strategy. While each business is unique, brands can all see success with engaged customers, more attention to positive reviews, and social media traffic tracking.

No matter what industry you're in, people will be talking about you online. Whether it’s discussing your latest products, commenting on your social media posts, or venting about your customer service, consumers are creating conversations around your brand. Of course, you want those conversations to be positive which is why review software is a great investment for almost any small business.

In an ideal world, your business would perfectly address your target market’s needs, and everyone—your customers, your employees, and you—would be satisfied.

However, the world isn’t ideal. In real life, your products could be imperfect or controversial. You can make the wrong business decisions. You have competitors who are ready and able to capitalize on your mistakes.

All of those mistakes can be posted (and amplified) online. The power of the internet and social networks can turn even the most minor of slips into a major PR crisis, leaving the search results for your business riddled with negativity. Your online reputation matters because it can influence the people most important to your business: customers, investors, and industry peers.

The impact of online reviews

A survey in 2016 found that 90% of consumers check reviews online before visiting or buying from a business. Imagine if their first impression of you—on the first page of the search results—is a scathing review or negative media coverage.

This can result in something as small as one customer choosing your competitor over you because of something they found in the search results, to something as large-scale as a global boycott of your brand.

The internet has seen the rise and fall of many individuals or corporations. People have lost their jobs over inappropriate tweets. Restaurants have crumbled due to their inability to handle customer reviews. Major international brands have closed stores and lost valuable partnerships due to a branding misstep. Get in touch with Soko Digital Marketing today to schedule a consultation on reputation services.

Reputation Management

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The benefits of actively monitoring your online reputation

Increased consumer confidence & loyalty

Addressing reviews for a better customer experience

Greater chance of spreading through word of mouth

Monitoring, identifying, and influencing the digital reputation of your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors enabling you to attract and retain customers.