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Soko Digital Marketing can promote and sell your products online. We work with you to grow your business’s online presence through digital strategies and online marketing services. Our team of specialists has the knowledge and experience of all Internet marketing services that can help your business grow.

Online marketing services encompass all Internet marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

What is the role of digital marketing in a company?

Traditional marketing exists in print ads, phone communication, or other physical marketing. Digital marketing adds endless possibilities for brands including social media, website-based, email, and video marketing opportunities.

At this stage, Internet marketing (also referred to as digital marketing) is vital for your business and brand awareness. It seems like every other brand has a website. And if they don't, they at least have a social media presence or digital ad strategy. Digital content and marketing are so common that consumers now expect and rely on it as a way to learn about brands. Long story short, to be competitive as a business owner, you'll need to embrace some aspects of digital marketing.

Because digital marketing has so many options and strategies associated with it, you can get creative and experiment with a variety of marketing tactics on a budget. With digital marketing, you can also use tools like analytics dashboards to monitor the success and ROI of your campaigns more than you could with traditional promotional content, such as a billboard or print ad.

Online Marketing Services

How does a business define digital marketing?

Digital marketing is defined by the use of numerous digital tactics and channels to connect with customers where they spend much of their time: online. From the website itself to a business's online branding assets -- digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures, and beyond -- there's a spectrum of tactics that fall under the umbrella of "digital marketing."

Through our online marketing services, we mold each campaign to support your goals, and can create a marketing campaign strategy through both free and paid channels. In our role as content marketers, we can create a page on a website that serves to generate leads from an ebook, for example, that a client recently created. As social media marketers, we can also then help promote this page through paid and organic posts on the client’s social media accounts. As email marketers, we can create an email campaign to send those who download the ebook more information on the client’s company.

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